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Surprise visit to the Family Health Center at San Al-Hajr
Governor of Al-Sharkia, said that his field visits to follow up the health facilities within the governorate comes within.....
Governor of Al-Sharkia made a surprise visit to Al-Husseiniya Central Hospital
Governor of Al-Sharkia, made a surprise visit to Al-Husseiniya Central Hospital to assess the level of health and medical services
Governor of Al-Sharkia visits the health insurance hospital on the tenth of Ramadan and reassures the health of patients, and he surprised the official language schools in the 10th of Ramadan to see the progress of the school day
Governor of Al-Sharkia visited the Health Insurance Hospital on 10th of Ramadan to determine the level of medical service......
Governor of Al-Sharkia reopens Al-Sharkia quarry file with a legal and financial study
Governor of Al-Sharkia, met with Mr. Mohammed Al-Orabi, Chairman of the Working Union of Mining and Quarrying Workers.....
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