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Investors' Guide
 Service Name:Follow up the implementation of investment projects
Required Paper:

·     Upon the investor’s request, the concerned authorities are addressed to overcome any difficulties in obtaining the necessary approvals to start implementation.


·     The office performs the procedures for obtaining the collective approvals from the competent authorities and ministries (Investment Authority - Public Authority for Industrial Development - Ministry of Environmental Affairs - Ministry of Agriculture - Ministry of Defense - and other relevant authorities.

·     The implementation of the projects is followed up according to the contract and the specific timetable with the intervention to overcome any difficulties faced by the investor in coordination with the competent authorities at the time.

·     Submit periodic reports to be presented to the Industrial Areas Board of the industrial areas and the obstacles they face and working on overcome them and present any suggestions, opinions or complaints of the investors.

·     Determine the cases of those who are not serious to take the legal procedures in this regard.

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