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Al-Sharkia aims to facilitate the lives of citizens and facilitate their transactions in the government departments in the governorate . We are exerting efforts to ensure the greatest accuracy in updating data. We are pleased in Sharkia portal to provide you with any new information or suggestions and you can communicate with us through the following means: Address: Governorate of Al Sharkia - Governorate Road - General Diwan - Electronic Portal. Governorate phone:055/2302401 Hotlines for crises: 055/2303693 (24/7). Phone: 055/2344784 - 055/ 2333391 - 055/ 2314343 Fax: 055/2369134 Postal code:44516 Fax: 055/2369134 Email: sharkiaportal@sharkia.gov.eg E-mail for complaints: shakwa@sharkia.gov.eg Official what's app: 01270664666
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