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Figures Of Arts
Yousef Edrees:

He is Egyptian writer, dramatist, and novelist. He was born at 19 May 1927 in Bayroum village – Fakous –Sharkia. He received a Bachelor of medicine in 1947 and specialized in Psychiatry in 1951. He began publishing his short stories since 1950 , but he published his first collection of short stories (The cheapest Nights )in 1954 , and reflected  his talent in his second collection short stories (Republic of Farahat) in 1956 which made the dean of Arabic literature "Taha Hussein" to say “I find in him fun, power, accuracy of sense, tender of taste, honesty of observation, mastering of performance” .

He was not only mastering short stories, but he was creative in the novel and the theater. He was from the owners of free pens, although he sparkled in a period when there was a  clear quantization of the creators’ mouths.

Besides his beginning as a doctor in El-Qaser Alini  hospital, he was interested in writing his creations, even he became the responsible for literary section in " Rosal yousef " magazine .

He died on the 1st of  August 1991. The critics said about his works "It combines  between the features Dostoevsky and Kafka together."

Mohammed abd Whab "The Generation's musician"

He was born in abu Kbeer city on 3/3/1910, where  his father worked as a weaver and left to Cairo in 1918 because of his poverty. the son couldn’t gain except education less than average and he worked in music field  Abed Al Wahab was appointed in Tanta as a music teacher in 1928 for period of 18 years and then returned to Cairo after taking up singing and music as a career . Sheikh  abu-el Ela Mohamed and Sheikh Sayed Darwish encouraged him greatly till he was called (the king singer) in 1936. he established a company to produce movies as he participated in about 6 movies and composed more than 2.500 melodies for all Egyptian singers as well as the singers of Arab countries. Moreover, he is  the composer of national anthem for Rrepublic of Egypt and many Arab countries.  he died in 1991 but his voice  and composing are still globally widespread until now .

Abdel Halim Hafez:Nightingale "El- Andaleeb El Asmar"

He was born on 21st of June 1928 in El halwat village in Sharkia. His real name Abd Elhalim ali Shabana who was the youngest son among four brothers. he used to play with his cousins in canal of the village therefore  He  was infected by Schistosomiasis which destroyed his life and led to his death eventually. In 1943, he joined  the institute of Arabic music, composing section, when he met the artist Kamal El-taweel and the great broadcaster Hafez Abdul wahab who allowed him to use his name (Hafez) instead of (Shbana)

He had more than 230 songs. His emotional songs are about 16 songs while his patriotic songs are about 16 songs and  his religious prayers are about 11. He had about 16 films as the leader actor.

 He died on Wednesday in 30 March 1977in London at the age of forty –eight years. His songs were so compassionate and sensational  and his funeral was attended by almost all the Egyptians.

Ahmed Zaki :The black tiger:

He is a unique Egyptian actor, he was born in Zagazig city in Sharkia at 18th of November 1949. He received a bachelor of higher institute of dramatic arts, department of acting and directing in 1973 with excellent grade.

He is one of the brightest stars in history of Egyptian cinema, one of  the most prominent actor of the eighties and nineties. One of the actors who goes deeply into the role, preforms strongly, whatever its space or its importance, various of his films are considered as main sparkles in the cinema starting from ” eyes do not sleep”, “the innocent”,” Dreams of Hind and Camelia|”, “Nasser 56”, and “Days of El Sadat”.

He won numerous local and international awards as Best Actor. In Cairo on March 27th , 2005  he died after a long battle with lung cancer. Ahmad Zaki reached fame and unrivaled respect from the public, making him on the top of stardom.

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