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Figures of Policy
Leader Ahmed Orabi :

He was born on31st of March 1841 in Hryt razna  village– Sarkia. He completed the learning of  Holey Qur'an, and his father who was mayor of the village sent him to learn religious education until 1849, then he joined the military school.

Orabi was promoted in the military ranks quickly where he became Amiralay " Brigadier" at the age of twenty.  He was considered one of the few Egyptians who reached this rank because that the  army commanders  allied with the Turkish officers .

Orabi rebellion

The first real appearance to the name of Orabi on the scene while he with a group of his colleagues stood for demanding Khedive Tawfeq to:

1)    Upgrade Egyptian officers

2)    Isolate Riad Basha "chairman of the supervisors Board "

3)    Increase the number of Egyptian military .

Khedive did not accept these demands and began planning to arrest Orabi  and his colleagues, as they were considered” conspirators”. Orabi alert to danger, he led the famous confrontation with Khedive Twfiq on 9th of September 1981, that was the first national revolution in modern history of Egypt in which he said his famous speech " Allah created us free, and did not create us heritage or property, I swear that there is no God but He, we won't be inherited or enslaved after today "


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