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Figures of Sports
"Emad Meitab"

 Egyptian football player, born in 20 February in Belbies Sharkia. He began his career in Belbis sports club until the age of 12 years then he joined the youth team in Al-ahly at the age of 13 years, then he went to play in the first team.

Emad Matab is merited by great performance in the penalty area and master's precision targeting on the goal with both feet, and head blows despite his short statue.

At the international level Emad Mat’ab succeeded in achieving many of the goals with the national team of Egypt.

"Usama Hosny"

Born in 18 June 1982, an Egyptian football player, currently within Elmaqasa team. Hosny joined Al ahly of Egypt where he played for the first team since 2003 to 2011

His mates call him at Al-ahly club “the savior” because he is always ready to save the team at crucial times

October 23, 2007 Usama played with the military team that won the military world cup in India and won the championship top scorer.

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