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Figures of Religion
Ahmed Omar Hashem

One of prominent Islamic figures, Professor of Hadith "Sayings of the Prophet" and its sciences in Al-Azhar University, and a member of the Islamic Research Academy. Ahmed Omar Hashem was born at 06/02/1941, He graduated from the Faculty of Theology of Al-Azhar University in 1961, He was appointed as a lecturer in Department of Hadith Faculty of Theology, received a master's degree in Hadith and its Sciences in 1969, Then he got a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in the same specialization, and became a professor of Hadith and its Sciences in 1983, he was appointed as the dean of the Faculty of Theology in Zagazig in 1987, and in 1995 he became Chancellor of Al-Azhar University

Positions he has held:

ü  Member of Parliament given by the President of the Republic

ü  Member of the Political Bureau of the National Democratic Party

ü  Member of Shura Council

ü  Member of Trustees Board of Radio and Television Union

ü  Chairman of the religious programs department in Egyptian TV

Abed Al Haleem Mahmoud, the greatest Sheikh:

Born in Al Salam Village and had memorized the holy Quran and joined the elementary school then Azhar Institute in Zagazig and joined the Al-Azhar Mosque institution in Cairo . he got his bachelor and then his doctorate on the topic of Islamic mysticism through his study of the famous " Haritha bin Assad Alhasby ". he was promoted  to many  positions, beginning as a teacher in Al-Azhar then a specialized lecturer and finally, Shiekh of Al-Azhar Mosque. he had numerous great students Shiekh Mahmoud Shaltout , Sheikh Mohammed Mustafa El-Maraghi. Moreover , he wrote several well-known books in the Islamic Dawa and Islamic mysticism . Sheikh died to be buried in his hometown  and a mosque has been built on his name in addition to religious Institute.

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