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Al-Sharkia Governorate is proud of the archaeological wealth and the multiple tourism potentials, which are unique to it from the other governorates of Lower Egypt, as there are 120 archaeological sites among its territories, the most famous of which are Tal Basta and San Al-Hajar.

Popastis City   Tanis Zone

Al Sharkia was honored to be the way of many prophets:

·         Joseph the prophet came to Egypt as a slave and lived in San Alhajr till he became the official of the wheat in Egypt.

·         Mouses the prophet of Judaism was born in Al Sharkia and led Bani Israel to immigrate of the tyrant Pharo to Sinai.

·         Holy family of the Christ and Virgin Mary traveled through Alhosianyia to the Upper Egypt as they escaped from the injustice of Herodotus.

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