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Coptic archaeological sites

Al Sharkia governorate is an important stop in the Holy Family's journey to Egypt, which started in Al-Arish and ended in Assiut and lasted for two years, six months and ten days Holy Family chose two important regions, Tell Basta in Zagazig and Belbeis, which made the two regions a tourist attraction until this moment, especially Tell Basta, because the period of residence of the Holy Family in it was longer, in addition to the presence of traces of them there.

·         One of the relics of the Holy Family in it, which is represented in Joseph's Well attributed to Joseph the Carpenter, and the well with its water from which the Virgin Mary, Christ Jesus and Joseph the Carpenter drank is still present until this moment.

·         As for Bilbeis, the Holy Family passed through it and rested in a sycamore tree, but they did not stay long. After they left, people continued to make pilgrimages to this tree for years and years until it was cut down and a mosque was recently built in its place. Thus, Al-Sharkia is one of the most important areas that the Holy Family passed through and settled during their journey..

·         The Church of "Archangel Michael" or the Church of Kafr El-Deir is one of the most important Coptic shrines that has attracted the attention of Copts during the past few years in Minya al-Qamh, who are keen to flock to it from various governorates. It is one of the oldest Egyptian churches, which was distinguished from them by its astronomical phenomenon as the sun's rays perpendicular to the altars of the angels "Michael" "Mar Gerges" "the Virgin Lady" on their feast, that phenomenon that the ancient Egyptians singled out for kings such as Ramses II in Abu Simbel temple in Luxor. The church is full of monuments, archaeological manuscripts, and Coptic icons, all of which are under the auspices of the Ministry of Antiquities, including jugs, copper dishes, silver crosses, and a number of rare, sacred handwritten manuscripts that are at least a thousand years old.

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