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Figures of Economy
Tala't Harb

Tala't Harb was multi-talented as he worked in journalism besides his big Intellectual battles.     

Founding of Banque Misr:

The Bank of Egypt is considered to be the starting point for a stage of economic reform and a step on the road to freedom from the British colonialism.

For  this reason he met with Egyptian businessmen and convinced them by the necessity of setting up an Egyptian bank by Egyptian funding, the purpose of this establishment was to do all the bankry works, without restriction or identification.

Other projects:

At 1992 Tala't Harb established the first Egyptian printing house , then after that the bank established a lot of important Egyptian companies such as the Misr for River Transport and Misr for Spinning and Weaving Company

At 1932 he established Egypt Air Company as the first airline in the Middle East. Therefore, Tala't Harb is considered as the economic pioneer in Egypt with all his efforts and projects.

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