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What are the procedures for setting an appointment to meet the governor؟

A date for the interview is scheduled by the Citizens Service Office and submitting a request.

 For more inquiries: 2304077

A citizen service office has been approached, and no date has been set. Why?

Due to the large number of requests submitted every week, priority is given to general problems and critical humanitarian cases.

How to submit a complaint?
  •  Government complaints portal:  www.shakwa.eg
  • Hotline 16528
  • Email of complaints and requests: shakwa@sharkia.gov.eg
  • fficial WhatsApp of the governorate: 01270664666
  •   Fax: 055-2369134

What are the procedures taken regarding the complaints submitted and the reason for the delay in the response?

When the complaint is received, it is directed to the concerned authority and is followed up until the solution is found and the complainant is informed of it. Some complaints such as paving complaints, sanitation services and other services require their inclusion in the general budget and depend on the availability of financial credits and this may require a longer time.

What to do when there is a security complaint?

In the case of complaints that has a security nature or include security violations, please go to the police station to it with an official notice to be investigated.

What should be done when there is a complaint from a court ruling or a judicial dispute?

The judiciary is an independent entity, and the governorate has no involvement in the judiciary rulings.

How to submit a proposal?

Any proposal can be submitted on the governorate's website:


 and all proposals are presented to the competent authorities to study the possibility of implementing them or not.

How can the governorate news and tours be followed up?

This can be done by following the official website of the governorate: www.sharkia.gov.eg , or by following the official page of Facebook:


How do I get a job?

Send your data in order to be able to submit a request to the workforce on the following link:


to provide a suitable job opportunity, as there are no current jobs, but only in the private sector.

What are the necessary steps to create a project?

Send the feasibility study for the project to manage "Your Project" as it is the competent authority to facilitate these opportunities from projects.

How to get a pension or a fixed income?

Learn about the conditions and documents required to obtain a Solidarity& Dignity pension through the following link:


and then send your data so that we can send it to the Social Solidarity Directorate.

How to establish an investment project on the territory of the province?

The governorate is interested in investment and investors through the Investor Service Office at the Governorate General Office. Follow the procedures and conditions through the electronic portal website at the link:


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