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Title:Immediate response for a complaint received via social media in Ghaita village, Belbeis Center
News Date:June25, 2021June25, 2021

Al Sharkia Governor, Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, issued his instructions for immediate and quick response to citizens' complaints received through the unified governmental complaints system located on the electronic portal and social networking pages "Facebook" for Al Sharkia Governorate.

In this context, and in response to the complaints of citizens received through the unified government complaints system for Al Sharkia and social media, a complaint was resolved from, in which a citizen was affected by the presence of an open drainage room in Gitah village, Belbeis Center, Al-Rashah Road between Al-Rashah Bridge and the regional road, which endangers the life of citizens and passers-by are at risk and fall into it.

With the communication of the portal manager with the official of the drinking water and sewage company, immediate follow-up and coordination with the contractor assigned to the works was carried out, and it was agreed to put the room cover and do the necessary work, and the cover was installed and the reasons for the complaint removed.

The people expressed their happiness for the quick and immediate response to solve the problem, extending their thanks to Governor of Al Sharkia and the concerned authorities.

SourceGovernmental complaints system of Al-Sharkia
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