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Title:Immediate response for replacing electricity pole near Salah Salem Hospital
News Date:June, 20 2021 June, 20 2021

In implementation of the directives and instructions of Al Sharkia Governor, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, on the necessity of permanent and effective communication with citizens and resolving their complaints in all ways, which are received through the unified government complaints system, social media and WhatsApp, in addition to field follow-up and contact with citizens and listening to their problems and working to solve them.

In order to preserve the lives of citizens, the director of the electronic portal of the unified government complaints system in Al Sharkia responded to the complaint received on the social networking site (Facebook), which stated that the people were affected by the presence of a dilapidated electricity pole about to fall threatening the lives of citizens near Salah Salem Hospital area in front of Abu Saud hypermarket, Zagazig Center

Immediately, the director of the electronic portal contacted the head of the Electricity Company and coordinated with the Presidency of Zagazig Center and City to quickly resolve the complaint. The inspection was carried out on the ground and the light pole that collided with a car was raised in front of Abu Al-Saud Hyper Market on Talaba Awaida Street.

 Another column was planted and the necessary work was done to preserve the health of citizens. The people expressed their happiness for the quick and immediate response to solve the problem and thanked the Governor of the Eastern Province and the concerned authorities.

SourceGovernmental complaints system of Al-Sharkia
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