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Tenders and auctions
Advertised authorityDirectorate of Housing and Utilities
Advertisement Date29/12/2022
Tender Date15/1/2023
Tender conditionsDirectorate of Housing and Utilities, Planning and Follow-up Department, announces that it has been decided to sell a number of housing units and commercial stores owned by the Ministry of Housing, through the public auction system on Sunday corresponding to15/1/2023 at 12 noon in Camellia Hall in Ahmed Orabi Club in Zagazig, according to The following statement: - Zagazig: Below the Social Housing Towers, Zagazig Al-Aslougy Road - (22 administrative units - 18 commercial stores) Faqous: Below the social housing buildings, next to Ahmed Helmy housing (40 shops) - Note that the auction booklets are disbursed from the second floor at the Housing and Utilities Directorate (Planning and Follow-up Department).
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