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Tenders and auctions
Advertised authorityGeneral Diwan
Advertisement Date15/11/2022
Tender Date30/11/2022
Tender conditionsTender Terms: The General Diwan, Contracting Department, announces the process of selling scrap, priests and stagnants in the stores of the presidency of Abu Hammad Center and City, Diarb Nejm Center, Hahya Center and City, and Al-Qanayat City - Awal Zagazig District) in a local auction session, Wednesday, 30/11/2022 AD The conditions : - Request a bid from the Contracting Department of the Governorate's General Diwan - The price of the terms booklet is 299 pounds, and the initial insurance is 10,000 pounds - Law 182 of 2018 and its executive regulations apply to this bid
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