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Tenders and auctions
Advertised authority Faqous center and city
Advertisement Date6/11/2022
Tender Date23/11/2022
Tender conditionsPresidency of Faqous Center and City announces the holding of the public auction for renting the governmental Tuesday market for livestock in Faqous 11/23/2022 at 11 am in the General Court of Sharkia Governorate, the office of the Chancellor / Commissioner of the State Council The brochure requested from the presidency of the center. The price of the brochure is 499 pounds. Securing deposit 300,000 Egyptian pounds. The applicant is required to have a tax card - commercial register - national number - value-added registration - registration on the electronic portal - previous experience for the same activity and environmental approval. The documents are valid and the applicant is of good reputation.
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