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Tenders and auctions
Advertised authorityMashtoul Al-Souk
Advertisement Date6/4/2022
Tender Date12/4/2022
Tender conditionsMashtoul Al-Souk Center announces the launch of the process of completing the purchase and supply of lighting poles and lighting equpments for Mashtoul Al-Souk Center in a local tender from the savings of the investment plan for the fiscal year 2021/2022, in accordance with Law 182/ 2018 and its executive regulations regarding public contracts for the state. Session corresponding to 12/4/2022, and the initial insurance amount is (10000 pounds), and it increases to 5%, final insurance in case of landing. This session will be held in the General council of the Presidency of the Center (Contracting Department) at 12 noon, provided that the submitted bid includes two envelopes, one technical and the other financial, and the technical envelope includes the original brochure of terms and specifications. - What proves registering in the electronic system invoice - A copy of the company contract - Previous work - VAT registration certificate - Commercial register - tax card and last tax return
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