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Present borrowing requests

1 - The loan applicant goes to the project site in the city or the neighborhood near it in the governorate.

2 - One of the two forms is to be filled out according to the size of the loan required:

The first form: for a loan applicant from one thousand to 50 thousand Egyptian pounds (attached).

The second form: for loan applicant greater than 50 thousand pounds and up to 2 million pounds (attached).

3 - The loan applicant reviews the form data and identifies the required licenses with the representative of the local unit at the project site.

4- After completing the required licenses and documents, the application will be submitted to the bank’s representative on site.

5 - The bank’s representative takes the procedures for approving the loan and notifies the loan applicant of approval or rejection.

6 - In the event of rejection, the loan applicant is notified of the reasons for rejection, in order to avoid them and re-apply again according to the circumstances of each case.

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