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Title:Al-Sharkia Governor inspects the paving and upgrading of Al-Zohour and Al-Qawmiya streets in Zagazig city
News Date:23rd of November

In order to complete the paving work and raise the efficiency of the main streets and squares...

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharkia, toured Al-Zohour neighborhood in Zagazig city to follow up on the preliminary work of paving and raising the efficiency of the streets of the region, in implementation of the development and beautification plan that the cities of the governorate are witnessing.

Eng. Ahmed Fawzy, Director of the Roads Directorate, gave a detailed explanation to Governor of Al-Sharkia about the nature of the works being implemented in Al-Zohour neighborhood.

It was noted that paving works are being carried out and the efficiency of the streets (Al-Nasiriya - Al-Modir - 9-10) is being carried out with a total length of 4 km and at a cost of 9 million pounds.

During his inspection of the paving work being carried out in the region, Governor of Al-Sharkia was keen to meet a number of citizens and inquire of them about the level of services rendered to them and to identify their problems, directing the district head to examine them and meet them within the framework of the available possibilities.

Governor of Al-Sharkia moved to follow up on the development of the streets of Tolba Aweidah and Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, at a cost of 7 million and 500 thousand pounds.

The Governor stressed the Director of the Roads Directorate with the continuous follow-up of the companies executing the paving, expansion and development works and their commitment to the specified timetable, taking into account the quality in performance and adherence to the specified specifications.

The governor was accompanied by Major Gen. Al-Saeed Abdel-Moati, the national expert for local development, Eng. Ahmed Fawzy, director of the Roads Directorate, Mr. Shaaban Aboul Fotouh, the head of the first district, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Abasiri, the head of the second district.

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