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Title:Al-Sharkia Governor follows up on the ongoing development work in Atgneed area
News Date:May 26,2024

In continuation of his surprise tours of the governorate’s centers and cities...

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Al sharkia Governor, went to follow up on the ongoing development work in Atgneed housing area, which includes the work of constructing concrete foundations and smalts on the two empty plots of land, the site of buildings 6 and 7, after they were removed in preparation for the establishment of a garden, a park, and commercial shops to serve the people of the region.

The governor stressed on the head of the first district to take into account the commitment to apply the technical specifications when establishing the park in order to give it an aesthetic and cultural touch in line with the governorate’s vision in implementing the development and beautification plan and establishing new parks for citizens.

Governor of Al-Sharkia directed to follow up on the preliminary work to pave and raise the efficiency of the side and narrow streets branching off from Farouk Street in the Interlock tiles, starting from Orabi Tunnel in both directions, in order to restore its aesthetic and cultural aspect and provide the best services to its residents.

Al Sharkia Governor met with a number of citizens who expressed their happiness at the Governor’s presence among them to identify their problems and needs and direct officials to find appropriate and urgent solutions to them, thanking him and the executive branch for the effort made to raise the level of services provided to them. The governor confirmed that the governorate is serious about implementing the plan to develop the network of internal and secondary roads in various centers, cities and neighborhoods to achieve a sound infrastructure in the sector, roads and bridges, pointing out that the governorate is witnessing the establishment of many development and beautification projects and the exploitation of space spaces in various centers, cities and neighborhoods by establishing parks for citizens and providing them with the best services.

The governor was accompanied on the tour by Mr. Shaaban Abu Al-Futouh, Head of Zagazig Center, and Mr. Yousry Rashed, Head of the First District.

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