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Title:Al Sharkia Governor during his inspection tour in Zagazig streets
News Date:May 25, 2024
Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Al Sharkia Governor, ordered Mr. Shaaban Abu Al-Futouh, Head of Zagazig Center, to begin the work of developing and raising the efficiency of Al-Ahrar Hospital area by paving the unpaved parts of the side streets with the installation of interlock tiles on the sidewalks, as well as raising the efficiency of the street leading to the Health Technical Institute adjacent to the Civil Protection Department, in line with the developing and beautifying plan of the city’s streets, restoring its aesthetic and cultural aspect, and providing the best services to citizens. The governor also directed the head of Zagazig Center, in coordination with the director of Al-Ahrar Teaching Hospital, to follow up on the ongoing development and renovation work in the buildings inside the hospital, with a commitment to implementing the standards of the governorate’s visual identity project, stressing that the governorate is serious about implementing the development and beautification plan in line with the cultural, historical, and tourism values that characterize the governorate. Ghorab moved to inspect the Agriculture Housing area behind the Coca-Cola Factory to follow up on the implementation of his instructions issued to carry out the necessary restoration and maintenance work for the residential buildings located there, directing the head of the center to include the side and narrow streets in the area within the paving plan with interlock tiles to be in line with the ongoing development and beautification work there and to provide the best services to its residents. The governor concluded his tour by inspecting the work of installing interlock tiles on the side streets in Lakouz area and Hassan Saleh section in the city of Zagazig, with a total of 13,500 m and a cost of 4 million pounds, which comes in line with the development and beautification plan that the governorate is witnessing to restore the aesthetic and cultural appearance of its cities. The governor assured the head of a second district to create the appropriate atmosphere for the company assigned to carry out the work to quickly complete the paving work according to the specified timetable, taking into account the locations of rain drains and sewage drains and adhering to the specified engineering specifications.
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