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Title:Following up on the progress of work on development projects within Al-Mahkama area in Minya Al-Qamh center and city
News Date:November 5,2023

In light of the directives of Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharqia, on the need for the executive officer to be present on the street to follow up on the services provided to citizens in all sectors, as well as to identify their problems and needs and provide the best services to them, and to emphasize that the criteria for evaluating the performance of the heads of centers, cities, and neighborhoods during the coming period depend on the extent of their presence.

On the street, following up on ongoing projects, cleaning work, increasing occupancy, creating new traffic axes, providing the best services to citizens, and restoring the cultural and aesthetic character of cities. Mr. Ashraf Amer, head of Minya Al-Qamh Center and City, followed up on the implementation of ongoing projects within the scope of the center, where work was followed up to raise the efficiency of the area behind the court, including paving and re-installing electrical poles and developing the electricity network.

The head of the city stressed on the companies executing the works the necessity of completing the work within the official delivery dates while adhering to the engineering specifications and quickly informing the center’s leadership in the event of any obstacles they face.

Source: Minya Al-Qamh
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