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Title:Following-up of the public dump on Eastern Road, headed by the center and city of Mashtoul Al-Souq
News Date:November 4,2023

In implementation of the directives of Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharqia, regarding the advancement and improvement of the public hygiene system...to preserve the environment from pollution and to ensure the health of citizens. Mr. Ayman Heikal, head of Mashtoul Souk Center and City, has delegated each of the center’s deputies to supervise the public dump on the eastern bank in the morning in the local unit in Al-Munir to ensure that there is no black cloud nor smoke as a result of burning garbage waste in the public dump on the eastern bank in order to raise the level of the hygiene system and to create a healthy and environmental clean atmosphere.

The head of the center also stressed that care should always be taken to prevent the black cloud from rising, and if this happens, rapid action is taken to extinguish this cloud and the smoke resulting from the burning of garbage, for fear of the safety of citizens. The progress of work inside the dump and the movement of cars in the dump are also monitored in order to preserve the public health of citizens. Work continues until the evening and night shifts... based on the governor’s instructions.

Source: Mashtool Asouq
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