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Title:Continuation of spraying campaigns to eliminate mosquito, Mashtoul Al-Souk
News Date:May 7, 2024
In implementation of the directives of Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharkia, regarding the advancement and improvement of the public cleaning system...to preserve the environment from pollution and to ensure the health of citizens. Mr. Ayman Heikal, head of Mashtoul Souk Center and City, supervised the mosquito and mosquito spraying campaigns, whether using a Teva fogger or spraying spray to eliminate the larvae that cause mosquitoes and mosquitoes to multiply, as the “Al-Haramain Mosque area in Al-Fahrain - Haj Hamdi Farm Street” was sprayed. Taraat Al-Wadan Street - Al-Tahrir School District - Al-Nour Al-Muhammadi Mosque Neighborhood - Downtown Street - Al-Babli District” Spraying and disinfection campaigns continue... based on the governor’s instructions
Source: Mashtoul Souk Center and City
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