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Zagazig University Museum

Major role was played by the mission excavations of Zagazig University in the detection of a large number of artifacts in the areas of Tel Basta since 1978 and had a significant impact on the thinking of the university in establishing a museum to preserve and display these acquisitions, and then was beginning to set aside one of the halls College of Arts (total area of ​​400 m2 at the time) for this purpose.

With the increase in the number of pieces and narrow space for viewing, the University established a new museum (total area of ​​about 750m2) in the fourth floor of the building of the university administration, using the latest methods of museum presentation, where the new museum from the main exhibition hall and wide, in addition to the store for restoration and maintenance of monuments before being displayed.

 The museum now boasts a record number of 2173 archaeological pieces:

·        Tel Basta Treasure, which was discovered in 1992 inside Ainain  of alabaster, in the area of ​​the great temple, dedicated to the worship of the goddess ( Bastet ) and treasure consists of about 139 pieces represent pendants, contracts, beads, earrings, rings and figurines made ​​mostly of gold, silver and precious stones and faience .

·        Parts of the statues of different style and materials, such as bronze statue of the goddess Bastet, and limestone statue of the goddess Sekhmet - goddess of war and power.

·        Coffins Covers from pottery with the features of the face and figure of the headrests, statues statuette (respondent), which portrayed a mummy wrapped with hands crossed on the chest imitation Palm abboud Auxerre, has been used as servants in the other world.

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