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Tell Basta Museum

The museum was built in 2006 as part of the development work in the area, but work on it was halted and it was reinstated in 2017. The museum includes 43 windows and a number of artifacts up to 1,000 pieces. A pottery sarcophagus, a group of shabti statues, a headrest, and offering tables.

The museum also includes a huge statue of Mert Amun, his wife, King Ramses II of the 18th Dynasty. It also includes ultra-cotta statues, a number of sarges, offering tables, headrests, and utensils for the bowels of mummies. The show embodies the life of the citizen and society in Al Sharkia, in addition to the crafts and the customs and traditions of the people.

Tell Basta museum includes an open garden, iron walls, a cafeteria to serve visitors, bazaars, a hall for visual preparation, parking for cars and buses, restrooms for visitors, preparation and construction of an administrative building for the site workers equipped with the necessary furniture and toilets for workers.

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