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Oraby Museum

Ahmed Orabi Museum is of a person and leader Ahmed Orabi, who stood against the British occupation and in the face of the famous "Khedive Tewfik" in "Abdeen Palace ". The museum also has a lot of things that are related to the ancient occupation by then.

Heryia Rzna was chosen as the location for this museum because it is the birthplace of leader Ahmed Orabi, the museum was opened in 1973. The museum includes four groups, related to the first group includes historical paintings and busts and documents related to the leader Ahmed Orabi and his associates. The second group concerns the customs, traditions and folklore of the citizens of Sharkia. The third group is dedicated to the martyrs of Bahr Al Baqr. They are schoolchildren whom Israel attacked during its aggression in 1970 by a bomb and claimed the lives of a large number of them. The fourth group is set of monuments that came out of the archaeological sites in Sharkia and includes metal statues of the goddess Bastet, the statue of the Sphinx in the form of amulets, statues of members of the stones, masks, a collection of ornaments and offering tables and others.

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