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This sport has been known for more than three thousand years and extends its origins in the Arabic heritage and was the ancient Arabs represent a vital means to secure food for them in the long journeys across deserts. The art of falconry is of the finest hobbies that practiced by everyone in the desert. Saud Husseiniya village is famous for breeding and hunting falcons and their types

Free Falcon:

Types of Free Falcon are  many, and the Free Falcon is of the largest predatory as


the size of lime is about of 47 cm - to -57 cm to a length and the length of wing is about meter and a half. Female sets from 3 to 6 eggs these chicks and eggs are broken gradually so as to come out the rare, Allziz, Al tab'a and Al-Mahqor.


Shaheen Falcon:

The Shaheen is considered for many as the peak of the predatory - solid body building, fast aviation. Sometimes, it is called drop tears because the form of the bird which landed on its prey looks like a point tears from the high altitude. The breeders trained the bird for a certain period to get used to respond to the meaning of the movements of the human and then used in hunting, but it has recently birds becomes bred in captivity and married selectively to produce better strains of hunters.

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