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Facilities of investment office
Projects are being coordinated with other parties to establish them

·         A project to establish a logistic zone on an area of ​​35 acres behind the Air College in Bilbeis district, 10th Street (it is being proposed by the Internal Trade Development Authority).

·         A project for the establishment of an investment area on an area of ​​105 acres in the Qassasin Al-Sharq district - Al-Husayniyah Al-Salihiya Road - Presidency of the Al-Husaniyah Center and City (Coordination was done with the National Center for Planning the Uses of State Lands to obtain the necessary decision).

·         A project for the construction of a complex for the manufacture of furniture on an area of ​​19.6 acres by Belbeis X Road - kilo 5 (Expansions of Belbeis Industrial Zone) All data of the complex were sent to the National Center for Planning the Uses of State Lands to proceed with the procedures of offering and advertising in coordination with the General Authority for Industrial Development.

·         Also, the plots for investors in Belbeis industrial zone are withdrawn due to their lack of commitment and lack of proof of seriousness, and these plots will be offered according to the rules and laws that are regulating that, where the number of 5 plots with a total area of 8200 square meters has been withdrawn


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