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Fifth Industrial Zone - 10th of Ramadan City

-  The city of Tenth of Ramadan was established in accordance with the decision of the President of the Republic No. 149 of 1977 and amended by Republican Decision No. 597 of 1980.

The Site:

The city of Tenth of Ramadan is 55 km from Cairo on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road. The administrative area of the city is approximately 398 km 2 (94.76 thousand acres)

Division of activities in the urban block in the city:

Industrial 26% - housing 28.4% - roads and spaces 21% - parks and gardens 14.4% - commercial 1.2% - tourist 2% - services 7%.


The population of the tenth city is 124,120 people, according to the 2006 census.


·         The number of produced factories: 1279 factories.

·         The invested capital is 16 billion and 360 million pounds.

·         The number of employment is 130,337 workers.


Factories under construction:

·         The number of factories under construction: 337 factories.

·         The Capital 1 billion, 897 million and 809 thousand pounds.



·         The number of schools (77 schools), including 5 special education schools.

·         6 schools were established, at a total cost of 20.7 million pounds, and five schools were delivered, of which ready for the educational process.

·         The complex of Hayat Abu Ghaly Faculties for Islamic Studies affiliated to Al-Azhar University was established with 4 colleges for girls (Arabic Language - Fundamentals of Religion - Sharia and Law - Languages).

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