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Second: - Factors& opportunities of tourist investment

Second: - The factors and opportunities of tourist investment

Al-Sharkia governorate owns 104 archaeological sites and has two archaeological areas (Tell Basta) in Zagazig - and San Al-Hajar (Tanis) in Al-Husseinia Center and was the capital of Egypt, so there are many Pharaonic monuments in the areas of Tal Basta and San Al-Hajar.

Also there are many ancient mosques and churches.

Al-Sharkia is famous for breeding purebred Arabian horses, as it produces 80% of the production of Arabian horses in Egypt and organizes an international horse festival annually.

These factors are considered a nucleus for establishing various tourism projects such as: -

Tourist projects to watch migratory birds and hunt birds in accordance with environmental rules.

Establishing service projects in tourist areas.

Projects for desert tourism, camel racing and hunting.

It is also famous for its duck hunting ponds:

1.    The pool of Al-Nassar in Qassasin Al Sharq Al Hussainia Center on an area of 1500 acres.

2.    The pool of Anan in Qasasin Al Sharq Al Hussainia Center on an area of 198 acres

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