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Fourth: - The factors and opportunities of service investment

Fourth: - The factors and opportunities of service investment

1. Education:

In Al-Sharkia governorate there is one of the largest Egyptian universities, which is Zagazig University, which includes 16 colleges + 2 institutes and 78,454 male and female students, 3200 faculty members, and in the education sector there are 1450 primary schools, 928 preparatory schools, 195 Secondary secondary schools, 103 commercial education schools, 17 agricultural, 51 industrial schools.

2. The health:

The health service is available in all centers and villages of the governorate, where there are (25) general and central hospitals, with a total of (2,619) beds, and (9) university hospitals, number (2,200) beds, (300) private hospitals, and (942) health units and a health center and (451) A family planning unit, (458) rural health units, (11) blood banks, (56) ambulance points, (144) ambulances, and (8) aid stations on highways throughout the governorate.

3. Drinking water and sanitation:

The governorate produces approximately (185,394,158) m3 annually, and there are (190) drinking water stations, and there are (25) sewage stations in the governorate with a capacity of (844,580 thousand m3 / day).

4. Communication:

Al-Sharkia governorate has a distinguished telephone and e-mail service with a high degree of efficiency, and there are 131 centers in the governorate, the number of empty lines is 340,245 lines, and there are 700 post offices that verify the connection to any part in the land of Al-Sharkia in addition to the mobile phone network, which has reinforcement towers throughout the governorate, which achieve connection for any site in the Republic and the outside world.

5. Electricity and Power:

The electric power supplies all parts of the governorate, as the governorate produces approximately (5550840429 kWh annually). Natural gas also covers many areas in the governorate, the tenth city, the city of Belbeis, the city of Abu Hammad and the city of Zagazig, and gas is being introduced

6. Banks:

In Al-Sharqia there are branches for all governmental, international, private, real estate, agricultural and national banks, as well as branches for all insurance companies, and their number is (National Bank 18 branches - Banque Misr 18 branches - Banque du Caire 16 branches - Development Bank and Agricultural Credit 106 banks)

7. Fire department:

    The total number of fire stations (63) stations.

    The total number of fire engines (115) fire engines.

8. Roads:

    The total road network in the governorate is 3633 km

    All regional roads are being rehabilitated in Al-Sharkia governorate to advance development and investment.

9. Raw materials:

Al-Sharkia governorate has the most important agricultural raw materials (cotton - wheat - rice - maize - vegetables and fruits). Inputs of industrial products in industrial areas, inside and outside the new urban communities.

Raw materials from the mineral wealth: the quarries in the centers of Belbeis, Abu Hammad, Faqous, and Al-Hussainia.


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