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Third: - The factors and opportunities of industrial investment

Third: - The factors and opportunities of industrial investment

There are two industrial zones in Al-Sharkia governorate:

1- Belbeis Industrial Zone, Belbeis Center
2- Al-Zwamel Industrial Zone in Mashtoul Center

There are two large industrial cities are:

1-   Tenth of Ramadan

2-   New Salhia

First: Tenth of Ramadan City:

·        Producing factories (1741) factory

·        Investments (25.6) billion pounds

·        Annual production (29.7) billion pounds

·        Job opportunities (250,000) job opportunities

Second: New Salhia City:

·         Number of producing factories: 234 factories

·         The number of workers in the producing factories is 23,653 workers

·         The invested capital is 1.770 billion pounds

·         The number of factories under construction, 147 factories

·         The expected invested capital is 115 million pounds

·         The number of job opportunities that are expected to be provided is 2,187 job opportunities

Third: Belbeis Industrial Zone:

·         The area has been fully allocated.

·         The number of planned plots of lands in the region (388) pieces.

·         The number of factories expected in the region is (281) factories.

·          The number of producing factories in the region (121) factories.

·         Total investment costs in the region (196.362) million pounds.

·         The total number of expected employment in the region (10847) workers.

Fourth: Al-Zwamel Industrial Area:

·         Industrial Zone in Zamel (Belbeis and Mashtoul Al-Souq).

·         Total area: 1505 acres, of which 1005 acres have existing industries, with investments amounting to 3 billion pounds, and the rest are quarries.

·         Area exploited as factories: 105 acres.

·         The remaining area: 900 acres to be planned for exploitation.

·         As factories, facilities and services.

·         The number of existing factories is 300 factories.

·         Providing 30,000 job opportunities.

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