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Tasks of the Youth& Sports Directorate

1.  Supervising the implementation of the investment plan and following up on the implementation of construction for clubs, youth centers and civil bodies.

2.  Supervising civil organizations, regions and sports clubs.

3.  Prepare concerned youth and sports leaders and volunteers working in youth and sports institutions.

4.  Organizing celebrations, festivals, youth and sports, and reviving national events, in coordination with the competent authorities.

5.  Organizing the self-financing and public funding for youth and sports services in the governorate.

6.  Establishing, equipping and supervising the management of popular clubs and providing them with employment.

7.  Helping to establish, manage and equip youth camps.

Directorate objectives

·         Developing and implementing a plan for the juvenile and youth care sector, and mobilizing all human and material capabilities for that.

·         Spreading youth culture and emphasizing the concept of youth spirit, values, principles and behaviors targeted thereof, and encouraging volunteer work among youth.

·         Develop and implement plans for preparing, refining and developing human cadres working in the field of youth.

·         Adopting systems related to the advancement of youth

·         programs that will develop their capabilities and skills, and implementing policies to develop youth activity.

·         Creating and managing an information database for youth activity to help achieve its goals.

·         Laying down the policies regulating the relations between the agencies and bodies concerned with youth activity to achieve optimal cooperation between them.

·         Proposing legislations, laying down the regulations and necessary mechanisms to define the relationships, duties and responsibilities, organizing all activities related to youth and controlling them, and working on laying down the legal and institutional frameworks necessary for the transition to financial and administrative independence in it in order to keep pace with the movement of development

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