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Contact Information
Adress29 Saad Zaghloul St., Zagazig, Al-Sharkia Governorate
Phone 055-2303068
MailHousing.dept@sharkia.gov.eg - E-mail:Eskan.alsharkia@yahoo.com
About the director
It is one of the serving directorates which works under the direct instruction of the governor. The directorate of housing consists of a group of departments headed by the deputy directorate and he follows the Departments of Planning, projects' monitoring, Public Relations, Citizens' Service, Legal Affairs Department, Statistics and Computer Department and also the head of the Directorate follows the deputy of directorate of Projects Affairs.
The provided services

1. Present the projects of Ministry of Housing and Utilities within the Governorate and supervising their implementation

2. Offering projects that are related to the directorates of services in the governorate

 3. Follow up the engineering departments in all centers of the governorate.

4. Make on-site inspection for the locations and preparing reports

5. Preparing the required engineering and construction reports

 6. Responding to all inquiries of city councils and local units

 7. Cooperation with all departments of the governorate

 8. Participate in all the formed committees to examine the citizens' complaints within the governorate

9. Participate in the committees that are concerned with the vulnerable buildings and the complaints

10. Providing the cities councils with full information about the state property, whether by sale or rent.

11. Participating with the local units in preventing encroachment on state property and taking legal procedures

12. Record the state property in records (8) properties and get approved by the competent authority (the Governor)

13. Lead the valuation of the state property formed by Resolution No. 11115 of 2018

The achievments

1. The work is occurring at Orabi Square tunnel from 15/11/2018.

 2. Completion design and construction of a walk-path on the Mowes Sea in front of the university starting from 23/12/2019.

3. Completion of establishing Alhusainiya Services Complex starting from 15/10/ 2019.

4. Completion of establishing a tunnel under the railway in Abukabir starting from 5/3/2020.

 5. Completion, replacement and establishing of the agricultural administration building in San Al-Hajar on 3/9/2020.

6. The work is occurring to develop and raise the efficiency of the pedestrian bridge in Zagazig starting from 15/5/ 2020.

7. The work is occurring to establish a tunnel under the railway in Hehia.

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