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• To raise the performance of the hospitals' work team to the highest level of commitment, efficiency and seriousness.
• Meet the needs of the hospital's visitors through providing an integrated health services.
• Making all hospitals in the governorate an economic establishments through the effective marketing of the provided health services.
Raise the level of health service through:
• Completing the development of 3 hospitals (Zagazig General Hospital in Al-Ahrar - Old Zagazig General Hospital - Faqous Hospital) through the Engineering Administration of the Armed Forces.
•   Completing the postponed projects.
• Preparing 3 centers for accidents on the highways of the governorate within a year (Belbeis - New Salhia - Abu Hammad).
•   Establishing a regional center for the maintenance of the health sector in the governorate, in coordination with the regional center in Menufia, which will be located in Zagazig General Hospital in Al-Ahrar.
• Make contracts with rare specialties in coordination with Zagazig University Hospital and educational hospitals.
•   Securing all health facilities through a contract with security and guard companies.
• Achieving full commitment and discipline for all workers in the health sector of the governorate.
Providing health services at the highest level of quality to all categories of society with high efficiency and improving the health level of all citizens in the governorate.
Providing health services in the governorate in line with customer expectations at an appropriate cost through a team work at a level of efficiency, effectiveness and distinction.
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