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1. Centralization of financing for all projects in the health sector of the governorate

 2. Amendment of Regulation 239 of 97 that does not correspond to the financial and administrative data

 3. The postponed projects in the medical sector

4. Deficiency in the human resources, especially in critical specialties

 5. Deficiency of workers due to the Prime Minister’s decision to ban contracts, as it negatively affects public cleanliness, infection control and quality of the provided services.

 6. Lack of securing health facilities, which negatively affects the performance of health services which are provided to patient and increases their horror.

7. The inappropriateness the available training programs due to the absence of a regional training center within the governorate similar to some other governorates.

 8. Lack of commitment and discipline of medical team and supporting team.

 9. Frequent hardware trouble of medical and electromechanical devices due to the inefficiency of the medical and electromechanical maintenance.

10. There is no specialized regional center for maintenance in the governorate.

 11. Lack of trained administrative and leadership cadres which impede the policy of change for the better

 12. Stumbling of pharmaceutical companies in delivering many medicines and medical supplies.

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