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Title:Ongoing campaigns to raise unlicensed advertisements within the Abu Hammad Center and City
News Date:4 November , 2021
Al-Sharkia Governor, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, stressed the heads of centers, cities and neighborhoods of the need to continue to raise unlicensed advertisements and billboards from building facades and lighting poles, take legal measures against violators, address the tuk-tuk phenomenon, restore discipline to the street, intensify cleaning work and raise garbage accumulations first-hand to create an environmental atmosphere and health for citizens, as well as raising occupancy and removing street vendors. In this context, Eng. Wajih Sidqi Ahmed, head of Abu Hamad center, led a campaign to raise all unlicensed banners and advertisements in the city’s streets, and to take all legally recognized procedures in this regard, in order not to waste money on the state and not to allow any random practices outside the framework of the law. The head of the center added that the campaign resulted in the lifting of 36 unlicensed advertising banners in all streets and public squares, and all legal measures were taken against these violators, and the work teams continued in different shifts.
Source: Abu Hamad center
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