Sharkia is famous for championships, horse and equestrian sports that are invested in promoting Tourism of Sport and desert at both local and global levels. These sports entered in the era of Amr ibn al-Aas and there are families in Belbis famous of breeding Arab horses and participate in annual competitions.  The first festival for the horses was organized in 1991 and is organized annually draw the tourists' attractions where attended by thousands of Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners.

The festival for the horses is based on being a socially product , rooting and enriching the relationships between the different members of the equestrian clubs and between ranchers of Arab horses, scattered in all the governorates of Egypt, as well as between lovers and amateurs of horse sports and championships , whether from Egypt or from other countries .

On the sidelines and since its inception - an ambitious program aims to revive the heritage represented in industries and handicrafts, which Sharkia is famous for, such as industries limited - palm leaves - papyrus - handmade carpets - and the owners of traditional crafts are be invited to showcase their different products.

The festival was pioneering in 1992 to organize the first championship in Egypt to the beauty of the horses (unregistered), and uniquely organized annually. In 1993, the first championship was held in Egypt for politing horses (unregistered).

In 1994, the track has been prepared from the sand in the heart of the desert of Belbis specially for the first Arab horses marathon in Egypt (registered) and in the same year was the first organization of Arab Horse Jumping Championship (registered) ( WAHO) .

And in 1999 the organization of the first jumping championship in Egypt "MASTERS" on Knight Cup was held.

The first championship was held in Egypt for the skill of the use of weapons on the back of horses in 2000. In 2009, the first appearance of the ladies championship was in the skill of the use of weapons on the back of horses and held for the first time in Egypt.