Sharkia is characterized by warm moderate weather during the winter period and rich nature- greenery and freshness with calm and tranquility as well as an abundance of fresh water that flooded large tracts of land (ponds), which grows grass (Labad) suitable for housing migrating birds of various kinds and all factors that tempted bird to escape from frost Europe in the winter  and migrate in large groups where the resort pools to shelter them, including Akiad pond - El Nasr pond – Al mohafaza pond.

For hunting the ducks:

Duck is one of the birds that are very sensitive and so do not try to wave your hands or speak when you see the ducks began to go down to the pond. Do not try to wear any metal glossy or carry anything cause any noise and do not try to catch something you know very well that you cannot shoot. You must allow enough time for the ducks in the pond to go down and not rush trying to catch so as not to run away from the pond. You must appear very patiently because you cannot catch but the goal is in front of you then you settle still in place. Most of all, do not forget to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature around you and enjoy cold winter in the dawn of the first day of hunting season.